Your sunshine experience your way!

•  Cycling in southern Spain

•  Warm weather cycling training camps for all abilities

•  Good quality road and mountain bike hire

•  An endless supply of stunning views and beautiful memories

•  A secret paradise of single track and hidden trail for mountain biking

•  Smooth roads, minimal traffic, and maximum smiles with our road cycling

•  Low cost luxury accommodation

•  Cycling training camps /improve your cycling

•  Cycling, holiday, training

Cycling in the sun

With a warm and pleasant climate all year round and a large selection of good quality mountain bikes and road bikes cycling in the Costa del sol is a paradise for cyclists of all abilities. This coupled with our wide choice of low cost luxury accommodation and fully certified cycling guides, we believe we have created the perfect package for an unforgettable cycling holiday

Things to do near Marbella

In addition to all the cycling facilities, the Marbella and Puerto Banús area has an abundance of bars, clubs and restaurants for you to rest and relax in. There is also a large selection of designer shops and large shopping malls - maybe for our non cycling guests to frequent whilst the cyclists are away for the day! Even a cycle or walk along the promenades will lift your spirits. With all of this on our doorstep the depression of the UK weather seems a million miles away.

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